Wouter Koster

Artistic freedom


In my free work I can go a step further than in ‘regular’ photography, and use images purely for my own purposes, without having to worry about whether it is recognizable or what it is used for. In free creations I am free from conventions, free from the intentions of others, I can lose myself in my love for rhythm, patterns and structure. In this my graphic and monumental descent is not denied. Struck by something that catches my eye, I use that element by repeating it or enlarging it. Because of this I create a very own new graphic, monumental or architectural image. My work is best printed on metal, and not only lends itself well as art in your home, but also as a decoration at public spaces, offices, entrances, reception halls and meeting rooms.


1982-1984 Rietveld Acedemy Amsterdam Amsterdam, Netherlands
1976-1981 Royal Acedemy of Arts (KABK) Den Haag, Netherlands
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