Wouter Koster


The Island of Vlieland
1 artwork

Shot on the beautiful island of Vlieland in the Dutch Waddensea. I took this panorama only 20 centimeters above the sand, to enhance the perspective and show all the little details in sand and water.

A Safe Place To Secure Yourself
1 artwork

No matter the threat, there's allways a place to safely connect to, where strong ankerpoints offer you a place to secure yourself...

6 artworks

These images came to life during an early, very misty morning walk. I felt time was slowing down, like in a repetaing dreamscape, everything was muted an toned down. I tried to translate this experience into this series of panoramic sceneries.

Frozen Flow
9 artworks

Freezing the allways fascinating movement of water ripples

Towering Cranes
8 artworks

My fascination with cranes started at a very young age, building model cranes with my father, who was an engeneer. He inspired me to love and admire everything mechanical This galery started with the lifting arm of a tower crane not far from were I live. I hope you will enjoy them!

Steel Crossings
2 artworks

As you can see I'm still working with my ongoing fascination with industrial steel, enhancing it through repetition and algorythms. I hope you like them!

Fractals in Steel
2 artworks

A study in creating repatitive structures and surfaces. This series resulted in Fractal like constructs, with an illusion of a slow rotation.

Misty Wind Turbines (shot analog)
3 artworks

These giant wind turbines magicaly appeared in the fog. All artwork in this gallery is photographed on film with an analog Nikon camera.

Analog Photography (with Elly Lagendijk)
3 artworks

About one year ago my partner Elly Lagendijk and I rediscovered the beauty of shooting on film. Film has an almost 3-dimensional quality, it makes you think harder about whether to press the shutter button or not, to really compose and paint with light. No instant gratification. you have to wait until the film is developed, and make the decision on what material to print. The beauty of natural light falling on your printed image is so rewarding...

Red Noise
4 artworks

This series of works started with a children swing on a towns square in the center of Amsterdam. The swing was constructed with thick steel chains in stead of ropes, what gave the entire construction a very unhuman feel

Dancing Cranes
4 artworks

Repetition through several algorithms gives movement to an old harbor crane in Amsterdam

The Machine
7 artworks

The beauty of an old rusty diesel engine

4 artworks

Where the city is breathing

3 artworks

A series of experiments creating new and impossible architectural styles out of existing architecture

Hamburg Speicherstadt
3 artworks

Hamburgs famous 'Speicherstadt' is an architectural photographers dream... These works are part black & white, part color to highlight and enhance the unique structure of these buildings.

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